Steers Success

The more accurately we can produce to the specifications required (weight for age, fat, IMF & EMA etc.),  by the various markets targeted, the better and quicker will be our returns.

Besides using the relevant carcase EBV’s to produce our market cattle, we check our abattoir feedback sheets for compliance and enter Feedlot Feedback trials and carcase competitions to ensure our cattle perform for top market values.


2021 Wingham Carcase Competition

In the highly regarded 2021 Wingham Carcase Competition, one of our steers prepared by St Josephs, Aberdeen, scored 92.6 points which was 5th highest of the entire competition. He was the only pure Hereford presented and this result helps demonstrate the success of the commercial emphasis of our selection program.

CLICK HERE to view Wingham video.



* At the 2013 Sydney RAS steer competition, our steer, beautifully prepared by St Joseph’s High, Aberdeen, stood 3rd in his class, the very competitive Open Lightweight Class. A great achievement at Sydney.

* Also in conjunction with Sydney RAS, we entered 6 steers in the Beef Challenge.

These steers had to be selected to meet a tight carcase grid after 70 days in the feedlot.

The very significant, and market relevant  result we achieved was to be the ONLY TEAM to score the difficult trifecta of all 6 steers meeting the tight grid requirements; all 6 steers at or below Boning Group 4 (the best eating quality Boning Groups); and the steer for the taste test scoring a SILVER MEDAL.

A huge achievement in such experienced and competitive company!

An added bonus for us was that the Silver Medal went to a son of MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R, the new sire of many of our sale bulls.

The taste test award also supports our selection emphasis on IMF which enhances meat quality.


* More commercially relevant feedback came after Sept. 2012, when 40 of our EU STEERS were sent to Caroona Feedlot.  All 40 met specifications in (weights, age) and out (carcase) after 160 days on feed.  Their TOP RESULTS included av.P8 fat of 18mm, Av. EMA of 85.5 sq. cm. and av. Marbling of 2.8