ELITE J216 R090 (AI) (S)

LOT 1: ELITE J216 R090 (AI) (S)

Nominated as a previous Hereford Super Sire but retained at Elite as Stud sire.  Now available as stud sire prospect.  His calving ease and light birth wt. has resulted in all live calves, yet he has phenomenal growth at 400 days plus top 5% muscle and IMF.  A great combination for MSA markets, Grass Fed or Feedlots.  His dam is a valued E212 female with one excellent heifer and another top bull in this sale as Lot 42.  Better than top 5% $Indexes.


LOT 2: ELITE R209 (HPR) (PP)

Hard to find superlatives for this fellow!  Stunning phenotype and outlook combined with a balanced high performance profile.  Calving ease, growth, top 1% EMA (8.1!) with top yield and IMF. Homozygous poll genetics.  Processors will chase his progeny.  Generates top 1% $Indexes.

ELITE N224 R188 (S)

LOT 3: ELITE N224 R188 (S)

A registered sire prospect son of our high performance sire N224. N224's half brother is Super Sire Lot 26.  R188 is big, well grown and with balanced EBV's.  Great CE to high growth, top 5% muscle combined with top 5% yield and IMF …… a hard combination to find.!  Better than top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE K74 R254 (AI) (PP)

LOT 4: ELITE K74 R254 (AI) (PP)

A quite achiever in temperament and performance. Registered sire prospect carrying Homozygous poll genetics and half brother to our retained sire Q136.  All his dam's calves have been top calves.  Excellent CE with top 1% 400 d grth., 8.0 for muscle and top 5% yield and IMF.  Generates top 1% $Indexes.


LOT 5: ELITE R176 (HPR) (PP)

Another top Northbridge calf, like Lot 2, and also with homozygous poll genetics.  Excellent 400 d grth. for early returns, combined with great muscle expression, yield and IMF for quality markets.  Generates better than top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE R226 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 6: ELITE R226 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

An attractive Validated son out of a top producing K215 dam.  Well balanced performance from low birth wt. to top 5% 400 d grth. Top 1% milk and muscle plus yield and top 5% IMF.  Homozygous poll genetics.  2 x Top 1% $Indexes, 2 x top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE R223 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 7: ELITE R223 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

A dark, well grown K124 son with CE, superior growth (top 10% 400 d) and natural thickness. His high IMF, (2.0), will open the door to quality markets for his progeny. Homozygous poll genetics. Generates top 15% $Indexes. 


LOT 8: ELITE R298 (HPR) (PP)

Impressive looks and balanced performance from this Lot whose dam always produces a superior calf.  He offers CE, yet top 5% 400 d grth., muscle, yield and IMF! Generates top 1% $Indexes.  Homozygous poll.

ELITE R331 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 9: ELITE R331 (HPR) (AI) (PP)


A balanced performance profile again from CE to carcase with homozygous poll genetics.  He carcase excels with attributes of top 1% muscle, top 5% yield and top 10% IMF, a rare but valuable package. Generates top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE R270 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 10: ELITE R270 (HPR) (AI) (P)

Hard to go past a combination like this.  An attractive K124 son with excellent CE, phenomenal growth and absolutely top carcase.  He offers top 1% muscle (7.7) and yield, plus top 10% IMF! His progeny will suit all quality markets. Top 5% $Indexes.

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