ELITE N273 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 1: ELITE N273 (HPR) (AI) (P)

More calves from the excellent calving ease and low BW, combined with top 10% 400 day grth., top 1% muscle and top 5% yield in this attractive Lot  will produce more progeny for the high returning markets, MSA, feedlot, grassfed, EU.  A true curve bender that will also leave easier calving females. Top 1% and top 5% Indexes indicate his profit potential.

ELITE N187 (HPR) (P)

LOT 2: ELITE N187 (HPR) (P)

Outstanding looks with this impressive K215 son matching his performance.  Calving ease, yet top 1% 400 day grth., top 5% muscle and IMF to give great value in MSA, feedlot, grassfed markets, EU. He will enhance easy calving in his heifer replacements. Top 1% and 5% Indexes. Semen rights in K215 sold to NZ.



An attractive registered Kickstart sire prospect with top CE combined with top 5% 400 day growth, muscle and yield for success in the value markets as shown by his top 5% and top 10% Indexes. 

ELITE TRUST 4300 N295 (AI) (PP)

LOT 4: ELITE TRUST 4300 N295 (AI) (PP)

A registered homozygous sire prospect. He is the last full brother to our high performance K215 whose semen rights have been sold to NZ. N295's balanced performance from a very low BW will give more calves for the value markets MSA, feedlot, grassfed & EU as supported by his better than top 5% Indexes.  Also, more easier calving heifer progeny for your herd.

ELITE N313 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 5: ELITE N313 (HPR) (AI) (P)

This Trust/Proficient combination gives CE and low BW yet top 5% 400 day grth. and yield, top 1% muscle and top 10% IMF for great value in the better returning MSA, feedlot, EU and grassfed markets. He will also leave easier calving heifer progeny for the herd. Top 5% Indexes. 

ELITE N231 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 6: ELITE N231 (HPR) (AI) (P)

Another Trust son with great looks and performance for market success. CE and low BW to generate more calves and easier calving heifer replacements. His top 5% 400 day grth & muscle, plus top 1% yield will generate valuable progeny for the value markets.  His top 5% and 10% Indexes show market versitility.

ELITE K215 N244 (PP)

LOT 7: ELITE K215 N244 (PP)

An attractive registered homozygous K215 son with excellent performance for the high value markets. More high grth. calves from his CE and top 5% 400 day grth. with great carcase for the high end MSA, feedlot,EU and grassfed markets from his top 5% IMF. Better than top 5% Indexes. His easier calving heifer progeny will be a bonus. 

ELITE N257 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 8: ELITE N257 (HPR) (AI) (P)

Look at this dark, attractive bull's muscle (top 1%) and yield (top 1%), that is combined with good CE and top growth.  His progeny will excell in high value markets from his great carcase traits that include top 20% IMF.  Top 5% Indexes.

ELITE N225 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 9: ELITE N225 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

A homozygous Trust son with good CE and low BW for more calves to take advantage of his top 5% 400 day grth. and top 10% IMF, the traits for top MSA results. Add to this his outstanding EMA and yield that gives market versitility from weaners to EU. Top 5% Indexes. Take advantage of the CE he will put into his heifer replacements.

ELITE N314 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 10: ELITE N314 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

A homozygous poll bull with great muscle expression (top 1% EMA), plus top 1% yield and top 10% 400 day grth.  Best for mature cows for more calves to excell in the EU market.

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