Elite Advantage

  • Over 40 years of directed, genuine commercial selection. Gives reliability and accuracy.
  • High fertility rates on the natural pastures available indicate selection pressure for milk, growth and carcase attributes in balance.
  • Longevity from soundness and balanced selection
  • “Easy-care” cattle generated from selection for calving ease with soundness, adequate growth and good temperament.
  • Good temperament.  It is a large contributor to better all-round performance, meat quality, ease of handling and safety.
  • Market versatility assured by our bulls.
  • We test our selection program through feedback from abattoirs for compliance, through carcase competitions and feedlot trials. Success in these areas supports our breeding direction. 

Our selection program success is illustrated by the following progress graphs.

Our sale bulls carry these genes for success.

Genetic Trend Graphs

Contrary to the breed trend, we are avoiding large increases in Birth Weights as we increase other growth traits. We see this as a vital contribution to increasing calving ease.  Our birth weight now is the same  as it was 10 yrs ago. The breed’s birth weight has increased by 0.5 kg in that time and is now 1.5 kg higher than our average.

We consider it vital that heifers calve unassisted without resorting to another breed. Our selection pressure on this trait shows rapid progress can be made without sacrificing growth or muscle. Our positive progress is in great contrast to the breed’s trend.

We place much emphasis on the ability of a sire’s daughters to calve unassisted. As can be seen, real  progress can  be  made. These  CE traits  are  genetic, ie permanent and cumulative in the breeding herd.

Our rate of progress is similar but ahead of the breed, however from a much lower birth weight

Our rate of progress is similar to the breed’s but we are 3 years ahead in actual EBV value.

We are trying to avoid large increases in 600 day weight so the maintenance cost of breeders doesn’t become excessive

We try to have adequate milk for our environment.

A vitally important carcase trait. It is interesting to note that the Elite herd is about 12 kg ahead of the breed in this trait while having  similar 600 day wt. This shows that while keeping 600 day wt more moderate we are still able to increase carcase wt by our selection for muscle.

Our rate  of progress in this vital component of yield is twice that of the breed and the present breed average EBV is where we were 7 years ago.

We are putting selection pressure on IMF to increase the eating quality of our end product

All our $Index graphs demonstrate the superior earning ability of the Elite herd.