A definite stud sire prospect out of a great and consistent dam who has produced 2 other male calves; both stud sires.  His sire, EFBeef Validated, offers outcross genetics of proven performance for CE , EMA and IMF.  Q131 has excellent CE, growth and top 1% EMA plus top yield and IMF.  His combination of traits will see him excell in the paddock and in the market.  Homozygous Poll genetics.  Generates better than top 5%  $Indexes. Semen retained for in-herd use.

ELITE N314 Q114 (PP)

LOT 2: ELITE N314 Q114 (PP)

Another outstanding stud sire prospect of gentle nature with high return performance from CE to carcase.  He offers very good CE and top 1% 400 day growth for lower ossification scores in his MSA progeny. His top 1% EMA  helps achieve good yield with his top 5% IMF. Excellent fertility traits.  His progeny will achieve top results in MSA, feedlot and grassfed markets. Homozygous Poll genetics.  Generates top 1%  $Indexes.  

ELITE Q154 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 3: ELITE Q154 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

This dark red fellow, a stand out from a calf, with top growth, muscle and doing ability.  His top growth and top 1% IMF, (2.5), will produce better progeny for  the MSA, branded and feedlot markets.  Homozygous Poll genetics.  Top 5%  $Indexes.  

ELITE Q148 (HPR) (P)

LOT 4: ELITE Q148 (HPR) (P)

Great natural thickness and presence in this hard to beat combination of CE, growth and top carcase. His carcase gives the rare top EMA (8.4) with very good fat cover, yield and IMF. Covers on-farm needs and quality markets with his performance.  Generates top 5%  $Indexes.

ELITE Q068 (HPR) (P)

LOT 5: ELITE Q068 (HPR) (P)

Top CE again with commanding outlook. Shows off his very good growth and carcase including top 5% IMF for quality markets including grassfed. On farm versitility for use with cows and heifers with top fertility traits. Generates top 5%  $Indexes.

ELITE Q133 (HPR) (P)

LOT 6: ELITE Q133 (HPR) (P)

Benefit from this bull's amazing carcase, growth and top fertility traits .  He will produce outstanding progeny from weaners to yearlings to breeders.  Top of the breed muscling yet with fat for grassfed markets, top yield and IMF. Generates top 1%  $Indexes.


LOT 7: ELITE Q158 (HPR) (PP)

Great looks with a balance of top growth, milk muscle and yield.  From a proven and valued dam who will have a top son in next year's sale. Homozygous poll genetics.  Generates top 15% $Indexes.

ELITE Q143 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 8: ELITE Q143 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

This Trust/Hustler 4110 combination shows great growth and milk plus a top butt profile from his 7.0 muscling.  His good yield, IMF and homozygous poll genetics complete his versitility for most quality markets. Generates top 10%  $Indexes.

ELITE M110 Q149 (HPR) (PP)

LOT 9: ELITE M110 Q149 (HPR) (PP)

A growthy son by the sire of last year's sale topper, with similar looks and style.  Q149 offers top 10% CE, good muscling and top 5% IMF plus homozygous poll genetics.  Generates top 10%  $Indexes.

ELITE Q045 (HPR) (P)

LOT 10: ELITE Q045 (HPR) (P)

Another N131 son with great presence to go with his performance.  Top CE, growth, muscle milk and IMF make him a versitile sire for on-farm and value markets (weaners, MSA, feedlot, grassfed).  Generates top 15%  $Indexes.

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