Helmsman Selling System

"Quiet and Buyer Friendy"

On arrival, intending buyers register and receive a buyer number.

•When the sale commences, all the bulls are on offer simultaneously.

To bid on any bull, fill in the bid card with your Buyer No and Bull Lot No. and price you wish to offer and hand it in to the bid table or to a "runner".

•Bidding may be opened at the reserve on any bull. The reserve appears on the bid board.

•Bids are recorded with the buyer number on a large board near the yards and bulls. Any number of bulls can be bid on at once and reference to the board will indicate if your bid still stands,or has been overbid.

•There is no pressure to commit to another bid. If your "first choice" bull goes over your limit, you can still bid on any other bull in the sale.

A bid once submitted and recorded.cannot be retracted and the person submitting such a bid will be responsible for it until it is overbid.

•The sale will remain open for a minimum of 20 minutes. After this, at the discretion of the presenter, the 2 minute "no bid" time will commence. That is, a bid registered in the last 2 minutes will result in a 2 minute extension of time. Any further bids trigger the same process until a full 2 minutes "no bid" period concludes the sale.

Conditions of Sale

•Subject to the reserve price, the highest bidder shall be the purchaser, and in the event of any dispute arising it shall be settled by the presenter unless one of the claimants will advance, in which case the lot, or lots, shall be put up again.

•Payment shall be made and cleared prior to delivery. Therefore payment on sale day preferable.

•Registered agents who introduce new clients, attend the sale to assist their clients with bull selection and settle on behalf of their clients within 14 days of the sale, will be entitled to an agent rebate of 5% of the bid price. A 2% rebate will be paid to those agents who introduce potential purchasers, but do not attend the sale with the purchasers. In the event of delivery being made to, or possession being obtained by, the purchaser or his representative prior to payment of the purchase money, then, until payment in full of the purchase money or any cheques given on account of same, the purchaser is to hold the stock as trustee for the vendor.

•If required by the vendor, the purchaser shall deposit the whole amount, or any part of the bid price, at anytime during the sale.

•All stock shall be at the risk of the purchaser and proforma delivery shall be deemed to have been given when the sale presenter closes the sale by the fall of the hammer.

•As soon as practicable after the fall of the hammer, the purchaser shall sign the agreement for sale.

•Lots will be offered simultaneously.

•The purchaser authorises the sale presenter to sign on his or her behalf the Contract of Sale.

•If the purchaser shall neglect, or fail to comply with any of the above conditions, any stock purchased by him or her may be immediately resold by public auction or private contract, with or without notice, at the risk of the former purchaser, who will be held responsible for all loss and expenses arising out of such a resale, and shall not participate in any profit accuring therefrom.

•No person shall be entitled to bid unless, prior to the commencement of the sale, he or she has made arrangements, satisfactory to the vendor for the payment for any stock and/or property sold to him or her. The vendor may refuse to accept any bid, which, in her opinion, is not in the best interest of the vendor.

•The HEREFORD GROUP BREEDPLAN Estimated Breeding Values contained in this catalogue were compiled by the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) from data supplied by the breeders. Neither the Herefords Australia nor ABRI oversee or audit the collection of this data.