ELITE M110 P171 (PP)

LOT 1: ELITE M110 P171 (PP)

This is "Big Dave", he is a dark reg. sire prospect that has it all ….calving ease (CE), grth., muscle, yield and IMF, plus he is homozygous poll!  Target high return MSA, Grassfed, & Feedlot mkts. with his top 10% 400 day and EMA plus top 15% IMF. Generates top 1% Profit Indexes.

ELITE J130 P194 (PP)

LOT 2: ELITE J130 P194 (PP)

Look at this registered bull's muscle  … 7.2 top 1% !  Hard to find  with all the other profit traits in one package.  CE,  grth., muscle (top 1%!), yield and IMF.  Again homozygous poll!  Target the high return MSA, Grassfed and F'lot Mkts.  Generates top 10% Profit Indexes.

ELITE M202 P101 (PP)

LOT 3: ELITE M202 P101 (PP)

This is a star, homozygous poll lot for his profitable, but hard to find, combination of traits including his top 1% 2.2 IMF EBV.  Wonderful CE, yet combined with top 5% grth. and EMA plus top IMF.  Generates top 1% Profit Indexes, so ideal to target the high value markets. Retaining semen for in herd use and marketing rights.



A lot of bull here! Check this reg. Anzac H006 son for his thickness, great looks, butt profile and plenty of growth, (top 1% 400 day grth.). His muscle (top 5% EMA), yield and IMF complete his carcase appeal. Generates top 1% Profit Indexes to target the high value markets.

ELITE P242 (HPR) (P)

LOT 5: ELITE P242 (HPR) (P)

A profitable combination of growth, muscle and yield in this Lot …. all top 5% or better. Aided by top 15% IMF for eating quality.  Early top growth reduces ossification for better MSA Indexes.  Profit $ Indexes top 5%.


LOT 6: ELITE P262 (HPR) (PP)

Great looks and great balance of high performance traits here from CE (and low bth wt.,) through growth to carcase, with top 5% IMF. Plus he is homozygous poll!  His 6.0 EMA gives him his great thickness. Top 5% Profit $ Indexes.


LOT 7: ELITE P124 (HPR) (PP)

Another homozygous poll Lot with top CE yet he has whole herd growth and carcase traits to profit from the high return markets.  Top 5% EMA and top 10% IMF.  Generates top 10% $Indexes. 

ELITE P204 (HPR) (AI) (S)

LOT 8: ELITE P204 (HPR) (AI) (S)

A stylish bull with a profitable balance of traits from +ve CE through top 10% 400 day grth to top 10% EMA and IMF.  Ideal for producing progeny for the value markets  … MSA, Grassfed and Feedlot. Top 5% $Indexes.


LOT 9: ELITE P264 (HPR) (PP)

Look at this homozygous poll Lot for balance and performance.  Low bth wt. yet top 5% 400 day grth;, top 1% EMA and top 5% IMF.  Take advantage of this hard to find combination. Results in top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE P209 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 10: ELITE P209 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

A homozygous poll son of Katnook with top growth, EMA and top 1% yield yet top 15% IMF … a hard combination to find.  Will produce great progeny for those high value markets.  Generates top 5% $Indexes

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