2021 Private Treaty

ELITE N224 R111 (PP)

LOT 1: ELITE N224 R111 (PP)

A registered son of our N224 with top CE , growth and muscle plus useful IMF for quality markets. His dam is a proven performer with a sire in use at Yavenvale. Homozygous poll genetics.  Generates top 15% and top 10% $Indexes for profitable returns.

ELITE M202 R107 (TW)(P)

LOT 2: ELITE M202 R107 (TW)(P)

A registered young sire prospect with good CE and top 5% 400 day growth and muscle. These traits combined with his top 1% IMF make him a valuable genetic package for on-farm and quality market production. His dam is a valued E212 young female.  Generates top 1% $Indexes. 

ELITE N314 R159 (PP)

LOT 3: ELITE N314 R159 (PP)

A registered sire prospect with top CE and growth combined with top 1% muscle, top 5% IMF and top 10% yield. Ideal for on farm and quality market success. His dam is another valued young E212 female. Homozygous poll genetics.  Generates top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE R052 (HPR) (S)

LOT 4: ELITE R052 (HPR) (S)

Well grown, attractive M110 son with exceptional CE, top muscle (7.1) and top yield (2.1). 1st calf of his Katnook/Ardo Hustler dam who has followed up with another sale bull for 2022.  Generates top 15% and top 10% $Indexes.


LOT 5: ELITE R154 (HPR) (PP)

Good looks, top CE, good growth, top muscle (7.0), top IMF.  A great genetic package including homozygous poll!  His young dam has produced a previous sale bull and a daughter with a top bull calf at foot.  Generates  top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE J216 R113 (AI)(P)

LOT 6: ELITE J216 R113 (AI)(P)

A long bodied registered bull with good all round performance. His dam is 10 yrs old, has produced a stud sire and all her heifers have been retained.  Generates top 25% $Indexes.

ELITE K215 R128 (P)

LOT 7: ELITE K215 R128 (P)

A registered prospect with exceptional CE and by our K215 who has had semen rights sold to NZ.  He has good growth and carcase traits and is from a valued H284 dam who has an exceptional bull calf at foot.  Generates top 10% $Indexes.

ELITE R100 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 8: ELITE R100 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

Top muscling visually and with EBV's to match, R100 has shown it since a calf. He has well balanced performance from CE with very low bth wt., through to good growth, milk, muscle (8.8, top 1%), yield (2.1, top 5%) and IMF (1.3, top 10%). Will boost on farm and quality market returns. Generates top 5% $Indexes and adds homozygous poll genetics.

ELITE R060 (HPR) (S)

LOT 9: ELITE R060 (HPR) (S)

Excellent CE with good growth and top 10% muscling combined with top 10% yield and IMF. His young dam now has an excellent heifer calf at foot.  His ease of handling adds to his market and overall appeal. Generates top 10% and 15% $Indexes. 


LOT 10: ELITE R053 (HPR) (PP)

Again, top CE with good growth and top 10% muscling combined with top 5% yield for over the hooks gain. Homozygous poll genetics.

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