ELITE M202 Q008 (PP)

LOT 31: ELITE M202 Q008 (PP)

A standout star Lot here.  A registered homozygous poll sire prospect with great balance of traits from CE to carcase.  He offers top 10% 400 day grth., top 1% muscle (7.2), top 10% yield and top 5% IMF.  All adds up to success in the high value markets.  Top 5% $Indexes.  Retaining semen marketing rights and semen for in herd use.


LOT 32: ELITE Q035 (HPR) (PP)

Very good CE, short gestation length and homozygous poll genetics start the value attributes for Q35.  He has very well balanced carcase traits with top 5% muscle, top 15% yield and top 5% IMF for those high value markets.  Top 10% $Indexes.


LOT 33: ELITE Q020 (HPR) (PP)

Top CE and very low bth wt. make this attractive Lot a great heifer joining sire, but he adds homozygous poll genetics as a bonus and  carcase for the whole herd.  Top 5% muscle, good fat cover and IMF.  Generates top 10% $Indexes. 

ELITE Q016 (HPR) (P)

LOT 34: ELITE Q016 (HPR) (P)

Again top CE and low bth wt. but top growth (top 10%) for whole herd use. Valuable carcase balanced traits of top 5% muscle, top 10% yield and top 10% IMF; a hard combination to find for the high value markets. Generates top 5% $Indexes.


LOT 35: ELITE Q015 (HPR) (PP)

Solid whole herd performance will come from this homozygous poll bull.  Good CE and growth through to top 5% muscle and top 10% IMF.  Good earning capacity with top 15% $Indexes. 

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