ELITE P239 (HPR) (TW) (PP)

LOT 21: ELITE P239 (HPR) (TW) (PP)

Dark red attractive J130 son, carrying homozygous poll genetics.  Top 10% 400 day grth for higher MSA Indexes, top 20% muscle and top 10% yield.  Top 20% $Indexes.

ELITE P167 (HPR) (P)

LOT 22: ELITE P167 (HPR) (P)

Top CE and low birth wt. make this Lot a must for heifers.  His good grth. plus top 10% muscle and yield make him an all round herd bull with top 10% $Indexes.

ELITE P232 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 23: ELITE P232 (HPR) (AI) (P)

This Katnook son offers CE and low bth wt. plus shorter gestation length for on farm advantage.  His carcase versitility comes from his balance of better than top 10% muscle, yield and IMF for quality markets. 

ELITE M110 P278 (PP)

LOT 24: ELITE M110 P278 (PP)

Another top CE, low bth wt. registered son of M110 carrying homozygous poll genes. His carcase offers  top 5% muscle and yield yet top 10% IMF for quality markets.  Top 5% and 10% $Indexes. 

ELITE M110 P169 (PP)

LOT 25: ELITE M110 P169 (PP)


ELITE J130 P199 (TW) (PP)

LOT 26: ELITE J130 P199 (TW) (PP)

Good CE and low bth wt. start the solid performance of this registered, homozygous poll Lot.  His carcase shows balance of good muscle and yield.  Generates top 15% $Indexes.


LOT 27: ELITE Q034 (HPR) (PP)

Top CE, short gestation length, low bth wt. and homozygous poll genetics for on farm advantage here.  His carcase offers top 1% muscle, good fat cover and sort after top 5% IMF for quality markets..  Earns profitable top 1% $Indexes.  

ELITE M202 Q031 (PP)

LOT 28: ELITE M202 Q031 (PP)

A registered homozygous poll sire prospect with top CE yet top 10% 400 day grth.  His carcase is a true balance of muscle (top 5%), yield (top 20%) and IMF (top 5%) for his progeny to perform in quality markets.  Generates top 1% $Indexes.


LOT 29: ELITE Q005 (HPR) (PP)

A great performance profile here for whole herd use with homozygous poll genetics as a bonus.  Q5 has top CE and low bth wt., yet top 10% 400 day grth giving low ossification scores for better meat quality.  His well balanced carcase shows great thickness from his top 1% muscle combined with top 10% IMF to further enhance meat quality.  Generates top 5% $Indexes. 


LOT 30: ELITE Q041 (HPR) (PP)

A true meat machine here with valuable short gestation length and homozygous poll genetics.  His top 400 day grth. (top 5%) and rare carcase combination of top 5% muscle, top 10% yield and IMF make him ideal for producing progeny for the higher value markets. Top 10% $Indexes. 

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