ELITE H284 M202 (P)

LOT 1: ELITE H284 M202 (P)

Outstanding registered bull from a calf with performance and rich colour to match. Use for heifers or cows with top 10% CE yet top 5% 400 day, EMA and yield for processors plus top 20% IMF. Homozygous Poll. Top 1% $Indexes for profit. 

ELITE THOR 4029 M371 (AI) (P)

LOT 2: ELITE THOR 4029 M371 (AI) (P)

A powerful registered sire prospect with an outcross pedigree. M371 shows trademark quite temperament of the Thor progeny. Another package of top CE yet top 10% 400 day, top 5% yield and top 1% muscle. Homozygous Poll.  Top 1% and 5% $Indexes for more profit.

ELITE M529 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 3: ELITE M529 (HPR) (AI) (P)

This homozygous poll registered son of Trust is outstanding in looks and performance.  The complete package! Check him out for good CE, top 10% 400 day, better than top 1% EMA & yield plus better than top 10% IMF. His top $Indexes show his profit earning potential.

ELITE E242 M306 (P)

LOT 4: ELITE E242 M306 (P)

A big powerful registered son of our E242 showing very balanced performance. He has very good CE and growth through to better than top 10% EMA and the very valuable top 5% IMF. His top 5% $Indexes reflect his balance and his profit potential.



A very attractive registered Trust son with very attractive numbers. He is a full brother to our  successful AI sire K215. M267 has top CE yet top 5% 400 day combined with top top 1% EMA & yield! Top earning from his top 1% and 5% $Indexes.

ELITE M362 (HPR) (P)

LOT 6: ELITE M362 (HPR) (P)

Look at the power and presence in this fellow, yet his top CE includes his use with heifers.  He has top muscle and yield for success over the hooks with top earning ability from his top 5% and 10% $Indexes.

ELITE 4110 M208 (AI) (S)

LOT 7: ELITE 4110 M208 (AI) (S)

One of the few registered Ardo Hustler sons now available. He combines breed av. birth weight with top 1% 400 day, top 5% EMA and top 10% IMF for meat quality markets..  Generates top 1% and 5% Indexes for profit.

ELITE M239 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 8: ELITE M239 (HPR) (AI) (P)

M239 combines looks with great versatility.  Better than top 5% CE and very low bth. wt. combined with top 10% 400 day and EMA makes him ideal for both heifers and cows. He also offers good fat for grass fed markets. His top 1% and top 5% Indexes reinforce his earning power.

ELITE H284 M182 (P)

LOT 9: ELITE H284 M182 (P)

A registered homozygous poll son of our very successful and widely used H284 from an E212 daughter. A great combination!  He offers top CE and excellent growth with top 10% EMA, yield and IMF. A rare and very valuable trio.  His top 5% $Indexes reflect his earning potential.

ELITE C8 M322 (S)

LOT 10: ELITE C8 M322 (S)

A registered sire prospect from a valued Revolution daughter. He has very balanced figures which includes use for heifers or cows. Top CE yet  top 5% growth and muscle plus top 20% IMF. Good fat for grass fed markets.  Top 5% $Indexes.

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