ELITE M134 (HPR) (P)

LOT 41: ELITE M134 (HPR) (P)

An attractive, homozygous poll, H297 son, showing H297's trademark butt. M134's top 10% 400D gth., top 5% muscle and top 10% IMF show the possible versatility of markets his progeny could excel in. Top 5% $Indexes. 

ELITE H297 M149 (P)

LOT 42: ELITE H297 M149 (P)

A registered H297 son delivering low birth wt., good growth and milk through to great carcase traits. Top 5% muscle, good yield and top 5% IMF. Top 10% $Indexes.

ELITE H284 M25 (P)

LOT 43: ELITE H284 M25 (P)

A registered, homozygous poll son of H284 with hard to beat CE to build this essential trait into your herd. He follows up with good growth and top 10% muscle. Generates top 5% $Indexes. 


LOT 44: ELITE M57 (HPR) (P)

Another of the pleasing J216 sons from a valued heifer. M57 maintains good CE and low bth. wt. with his top 10% 400D grth., milk and muscle. 3 top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE M108 (HPR) (P)

LOT 45: ELITE M108 (HPR) (P)

Strong performance from a combination of our muscle sire, E242, and an E212 dam. Top 5% 400D grth., muscle and IMF plus top 10% yield set M108 progeny up to excel for better returning direct selling or feedlots.. Top 5% $Indexes.

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