ELITE L312 (HPR) (P)

LOT 21: ELITE L312 (HPR) (P)


L312 offers top CE, very low bth. wt., with top 10% 400D grth. for whole herd use. Performance continues to top 5% muscle and top 1% yield. Top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE L281 (HPR) (S)

LOT 22: ELITE L281 (HPR) (S)

A moderate Wrangler J130 son offering good CE and low bth wt. through to top 10% muscle and yield.

ELITE J216 M50 (P)

LOT 23: ELITE J216 M50 (P)

The first of our J216 sons, this registered sire prospect offers a complete package. Top CE & low bth. wt combined with top 10% 400D grth and milk. His carcase excels with top 5% muscle and IMF. Top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE J259 M123 (P)

LOT 24: ELITE J259 M123 (P)

A great start for the first of our widely used H297's sons. This growthy, homozygous poll, registered sire prospect has top daughters CE through to top 1% 400D grth and top 10% milk. His carcase offers top 5% muscle and top 1% $Indexes.


LOT 25: ELITE M93 (HPR) (P)

This homozygous H284 son carries top balanced genetics from CE to carcase for whole herd use. Low bth wt. yet with top 5% 400D grth. and top 1% muscle. Top 10% yield with top 5% IMF completes the carcase. Top 1% $Indexes. 

ELITE M111 (HPR) (P)

LOT 26: ELITE M111 (HPR) (P)

Another big, powerful, homozygous poll son of H284 with +ve CE for his daughters. His top 1% 400D grth and muscle will breed more profitable steers for the processor and feedlot. Top 15% yield and IMF compliment the carcase. Top 1% $Indexes.

ELITE J216 M151 (P)

LOT 27: ELITE J216 M151 (P)

On the short list for use at Elite, this well balanced, registered son of J216 has a great butt profile from his top 1% muscle, plus good yield and top 5% IMF. Together with his +ve CE, good growth and milk he makes a very useful package. Top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE J216 M147 (P)

LOT 28: ELITE J216 M147 (P)

Always a standout, this registered J216 son has top balanced performance from CE to carcase. From low bth. wt. to top 5% 400D grth. and muscle plus good yield and IMF to complete the package. Top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE H2 M122 (S)

LOT 29: ELITE H2 M122 (S)

Look at the butt profile of this bull! It matches his 7.4 EMA EBV. This registered H2 son offers top CE, low bth wt., yet top 5% 400D grth., top 10% milk and top 1% yield. 3 $Indexes top 1%.

ELITE J205 M148 (P)

LOT 30: ELITE J205 M148 (P)

A very useful registered, homozygous poll son of J205 from an Ardo Hustler dam. His birth mark doesn't mask his good balance of profitable traits. +ve CE and low bth. wt. through to top 10% 400D wt. and milk for better market access. Top 5% muscle, good yield and top 15% IMF. Top 5% $Indexes. 

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