"Carcase" what does it mean?

"Carcase" what does it mean?

24 August 2015

With processors becoming more specific in their carcase requirements, indicated through pricing, it is important to make sure we match on-farm selection with their message.

At Elite, we select for a balance in carcase traits just as we do in overall performance. That is, we don’t consider “carcase” to be emphasis on just EMA, just IMF or just yield etc.

Our markets guide us in our selection.  For example, a higher genetic potential for fattening may be required for grass-fed markets than feedlot markets.  Less IMF may be necessary for EU markets than some feedlot and domestic markets. Higher EMA’s benefit all markets through increased yields without needing to reduce fat.  Reducing fat too much could jeopardize female fertility.

However, with our balanced approach we try to improve all carcase traits to maintain market versatility and suitability. Again, for example, although at present there is no requirement for a level of IMF to supply the EU market, breeding EU suitable animals that carry IMF genetics opens other market opportunities such as feedlot and MSA should this be necessary.

For those supplying MSA markets, choosing sires that will pass on higher IMF genetics and better 400 day growth (for lower ossification scores), will see better MSA Index scores.

Our Elite sale bulls balanced carcase genetics average:- 

EMA Rib Fat Rump Fat Yield IMF
4.7 0.8 1.0 1.0 0.7