Carcase Results

14 July 2014

(i) Bronze Medal Sydney RAS. At Sydney Royal this year two Elite steers donated to St Josephs High School, Aberdeen, performed very well again after a wonderful preparation by the students.

The steers scored very well with our trademark consistency, scoring 81.5 and 82.5 points plus a Bronze Medal for Carcase Excellence.

The Bronze medal steer was also part of the Poll Hereford Stan Hill Trophy Team.

Both steers were sired by our Elite sires that carried top balanced genetics with excellent carcase EBV's.

(ii) Silver Medal Wilga RAS Beef Challenge.  This year we again entered the RAS Domestic feedlot Beef Challenge competition held at Wilga Feedlot, Bellata.

This time we entered two teams of 6 steers and again were awarded a silver medal for the taste test.

A capacity 51 teams of 6 steers, of all breeds, were entered in the domestic section and the Elite teams were placed a creditable 11th and 15th in the judging by noted industry judge, Guy Lord.

All 12 steers met the tight grid requirements to achieve maximum carcase payment.