A registered homozygous poll Validated son offering top CE with top 1% muscle and top 5% yield …..  a very valuable but rare combination. Suits most value markets and carries good fat for grassfed needs. Generates top 20% $Indexes.

ELITE Q052 (HPR) (S)

LOT 22: ELITE Q052 (HPR) (S)

Another CE specialist by N131 from a great female line.  He has good growth,excellent milk, (top 1%), top 5% muscle and top 10% yield. An all-rounder for heifers and cows to produce more valuable calves to market.  Generates top 10% $Inexes.

ELITE R131 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 23: ELITE R131 (HPR) (AI) (P)

Absolutely a top sire here for heifers and cows. Better than top 10% CE yet with top fertility, 5% growth, top 1% muscle and top 1% yield.  Will produce more progeny and cover the value markets. Generates better than top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE N314 R057 (PP)

LOT 24: ELITE N314 R057 (PP)

Homozygous poll registered sire prospect here with a valuable balance of traits.  Good CE, fertility and  growth through to his carcase offerring top 1% muscle and top 10% IMF for the value markets. His dam has a very strong background and he is her first calf.  


LOT 25: ELITE R023 (HPR) (PP)

This is the first of our very pleasing progeny by our homebred N224 sire.  R023 is a favourite here and carries homozygous poll genetics with a hard to beat performance profile.  He has top CE combined with top 5% 400 day grth., top 1% EMA, top 10% yield and top 5% IMF.  Can be used on heifers and cows to produce more calves for the herd and all value markets.  Generates top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE N314 R081 (AI) (P)

LOT 26: ELITE N314 R081 (AI) (P)

A registered sire prospect here offerring excellent performance and an outcross pedigree. He combines good CE with growth and top carcase attributes.  His butt profile shows his top 1% muscle, yet this is combined with good fat for grassfed markets, top 1% muscle and yield plus top 5% IMF!  Close to top 10% $Indexes.


LOT 27: ELITE R059 (HPR) (PP)

A very thick homozygous poll sire with exceptional CE and very low bth. wt. He has top fertility traits and better than top 1% muscling at 9.9!  His carcase continues to excell with really good fat for grassfed markets, top 20% yield and top 1% IMF! Generates better than top 5% $Indexes.

ELITE K74 R079 (AI) (PP)

LOT 28: ELITE K74 R079 (AI) (PP)

Plenty of growth in this registered homozygous poll sire prsopect with top 1% 400 day grth.  He maintains good CE, fertility traits, top 1% muscle, top 5% yield and top 5% IMF.  An amazing combination!  Generates top 1% $Indexes.

ELITE N314 R123 (P)

LOT 29: ELITE N314 R123 (P)

R123's incredible muscling, (10.7), shows in his very thick butt profile.  He combines this with very good CE, top fertility, top 5% 400 day grth., top 1% yield and top 10% IMF!  Generates top 1% $Indexes.

ELITE N135 R019 (P)

LOT 30: ELITE N135 R019 (P)

Our N135 is producing very attractive progeny and this fellow benefits from our Elite genetics.  He offers good CE, growth, top 5% EMA and yield. Generates top 20% $Indexes.

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