ELITE H356 P009 (AI) (PP)

LOT 21: ELITE H356 P009 (AI) (PP)

A registered homozygous poll sire prospect with CE and top 10% 400 day grth to put wt. into his most valuable carcase traits of top 10% EMA plus top 5% yield and IMF. Target the value markets with his top 5% Indexes.

ELITE L118 P065 (P)

LOT 22: ELITE L118 P065 (P)

An attractive high grth. registered sire prospect with CE and valuable carcase traits. Gain from his top 1% 400 day gth., top 5% EMA and top 10% IMF to produce for the value markets MSA, feedlot, grassfed and EU.  Top 1% and top 5% Indexes.


LOT 23: ELITE P160 (HPR) (PP)

A homozygous poll bull with positive CE, good growth and excellent carcase traits. Top 1% EMA, good yield and top 10% IMF will see gains for his progeny in value markets. Top 10% Indexes.

ELITE P024 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 24: ELITE P024 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

A well muscled homozygous poll bull with better than top 5% IMF. His good CE and high grth. will produce more high value calves for MSA, feedlot, grassfed and EU markets. Top 5% grainfed Index.

ELITE H356 P067 (AI) (PP)

LOT 25: ELITE H356 P067 (AI) (PP)

A homozygous poll registered prospect with top 5% IMF and EMA.  Excellent carcase traits for the value markets plus his positive CE and good growth. Top 5% Indexes.

ELITE P037 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 26: ELITE P037 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

One of the top IMF bulls of our offering….. top 1% ... and a homozygous poll as well.  In addition, his top 5% growth and EMA enable this bull to excell in producing progeny for the value markets of MSA, feedlot, grassfed and EU.  Top 1% Indexes.

ELITE P036 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

LOT 27: ELITE P036 (HPR) (AI) (PP)

Another homozygous poll Anzac H006 son with good CE and growth.  His carcase traits of top 5% EMA, top 10% IMF and good yield complete his profile for targeting the value markets. Top 10% Indexes.


LOT 28: ELITE P135 (HPR) (PP)

Great looking homozygous poll bull with top 5% 400 day grth., EMA and yield for more kg sale wt. in his progeny.  Top 20% IMF to add quality for all markets. Top 10% and 15% Indexes and easier calving heifer replacements.

ELITE K215 P052 (S)

LOT 29: ELITE K215 P052 (S)

Very good CE and light bth. wt. yet top 5% 400 day grth. in this curve bending young registered bull.  He has  quality carcase traits of top 5% EMA and IMF to pass onto his progeny for better returns in the quality MSA, feedlot , grassfed and EU markets.  Top 1% Indexes. Added benefit will come from his easier calving female progeny.

ELITE M44 P069 (PP)

LOT 30: ELITE M44 P069 (PP)

A homozygous registered curve bender bull with very low bth. wt. yet top 15% 400 day grth. for extra kgs in his progeny. His carcase gives top 5% EMA with good yield and top 15% IMF.  His versitility enables quality markets to be targeted. Top 5% Indexes.

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