ELITE L155 (HPR) (P)

LOT 41: ELITE L155 (HPR) (P)

A top young H284 son with balanced EBV's right through.  Good CE and growth through to top 5% muscle plus good yield and IMF.  Generates top 5% Market $Indexes.  

ELITE L142 (HPR) (P)

LOT 42: ELITE L142 (HPR) (P)

Another well balanced G286 son.  Top 5% 400 day growth combined with top 10% muscle and IMF.  Generates top 5% Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL.


LOT 43: ELITE L99 (HPR) (P)

EBV's are Mid Parent Av. A Revolution grandson with good CE and low bth wt yet top 15% 400 day wt. He has top 5% muscle and good yield.  Generates top 10% Market $Indexes. 

ELITE H2 L190 (P)

LOT 44: ELITE H2 L190 (P)

A growthy H2 son with very good CE yet top 10% 400 day grth. and excellent milk.  He has top 5 % muscle and top 1% yield . Generates top 5% Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL.

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