ELITE H2 K268 (P)

LOT 11: ELITE H2 K268 (P)

Top calving ease from this registered H2 son, yet top 5% 400 day grth. and milk.   He has top 10% muscle and yield.  Generates top 1% Market $Indexes

ELITE K249 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 12: ELITE K249 (HPR) (AI) (P)

By one of our top performance sires G286, this attractive bull has amazing calving ease with very low bth wt. yet in a large frame with good muscling and milk. Top 20% yield and IMF. Generates top 5% Market $Indexes. HOMOZYGOUS POLL.



Another stylish Trust son with low bth wt. and top 5% 400 day grth. and milk. He has top 1% muscle and top 10% yield with very good IMF. Generates top 5% Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL.

ELITE H2 K237 (P)

LOT 14: ELITE H2 K237 (P)

A registered H2 son from a valued Revolution daughter. He shows top performance from CE through top 10% 400 day grth. to balanced carcase with top 1% muscle and top 5% yield.  Generates better than top 5% Market $Indexes.

ELITE K238 (HPR) (P)

LOT 15: ELITE K238 (HPR) (P)

Another G286 son with CE and low birth wt. yet good grth. and milk. He shows balanced carcase with top 5% muscle positive fat good yield and IMF. Generates top 5 % Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL

ELITE K252 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 16: ELITE K252 (HPR) (AI) (P)

Great balance of performance with this Revolution son. Very good CE, low bth. wt. combined with top 10 % 400 day grth. and milk plus top 5% muscle. Generates top 5% Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL. 

ELITE G241 K177 (P)

LOT 17: ELITE G241 K177 (P)

An attractive registered son of G241 out of a 4110 dam.  He has good CE & low bth. wt. yet top 15% 400 day grth. plus excellent milk and top 10% muscle.  Generates top 10% Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL.

ELITE H2 K232 (P)

LOT 18: ELITE H2 K232 (P)

A registered H2 son with top CE, grth and milk.  Good muscle, yield and INF complete the package.  Generates top 5% Market $Indexes.

ELITE K213 (HPR) (AI) (P)

LOT 19: ELITE K213 (HPR) (AI) (P)

A Trust son with amazing muscle - better than top 1%!  He also boasts top 5% CE and top 1% milk plus top 5% yield and top 15% IMF.  Generates top 10% Market $Indexes.  HOMOZYGOUS POLL.

ELITE G241 K300 (P)

LOT 20: ELITE G241 K300 (P)

Another attractive registered G241 son with great balanced EBV's from CE to carcase.  Generates top 10% Market $Indexes.. HOMOZYGOUS POLL

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